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AWS for Non-Engineers

Begin learning about Amazon Web Services and prepare for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam, jargon free.
Available as video courses and book, by Hiroko Nishimura, an AWS Community Hero and founder of awsnewbies.com.
No IT or Engineering experience required!

Video Courses

Introduction to AWS for Non-Engineers

Introduction to AWS for Non-Engineers is a 4-part course series created in partnership with LinkedIn Learning that takes you from “What even is the ‘Cloud’?” to taking the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam.Taken by over 370,000 learners since Spring, 2020, the courses are available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese!

“Introduction to AWS for Non-Engineers” at LinkedIn Learning

Amazon Web Services for complete beginners

Have you been considering making a career move into the Cloud, or want to begin learning the technical concepts and jargon to begin communicating more effectively with your clients and coworkers?Introduction to AWS for Non-Engineers will help you begin your cloud journey with absolutely no IT background required!

Exam prep

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Prepare for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C01) Exam with 3 hours of succinct, jargon-free introductory content.

  • 1. Cloud Concepts

  • 2. Security

  • 3. Core Services

  • 4. Billing and Pricing

Upon finishing the course series, you can earn a certificate of completion to add to your LinkedIn profile!

Hiroko Nishimura, author of “AWS for Non-Engineers”


AWS for Non-Engineers

AWS for Non-Engineers is an absolute beginner’s guide to Amazon Web Services.You’ll learn how AWS and cloud computing can bring value to your business, how the cloud is different from “legacy” IT, and about the core AWS services you can use right out of the box.This book is also designed to help you ace the entry-level AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam to add a great cloud credential to your resume!

Exam prep

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam Preparation

AWS for Non-Engineers was published with Manning Publications, and provides a comprehensive introduction to cloud computing concepts without any confusing technical jargon.A whole section in the book is devoted to exam preparation, study guides, and memorization aides to help you prepare for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam.

AWS for Non-Engineers by Hiroko Nishimura

Available anywhere books are sold, including Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, and your favorite indie bookstore!

Introductory website

AWS Newbies

AWS Newbies introduces Amazon Web Services and Cloud Computing to complete beginners, using newbie-friendly language.You can utilize this free website to prepare for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam, or use it in addition to the video courses and/or book I published.Find rest of my AWS-related content at aws.hiroko.io, and a collection of AWS resources/training programs/career resources at hiroko.io/aws.

AWS Newbies
Hiroko Nishimura, AWS Hero


Hiroko Nishimura

Hiroko Nishimura is a Technical Author, Technical Instructor, and an AWS Community Hero. She has background in Special Education, corporate IT, content strategy, and content creation.She teaches Introduction to AWS for Non-Engineers at LinkedIn Learning, and published AWS for Non-Engineers with Manning Publications.She blogs at hiroko.io.


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